Focus: Green Transition

Green transition


Focus: The green transition


At High Tech Summit we will focus on technologies, research institutions and companies powering the wave of new solutions, new business and new ways of thinking towards the green transition of society.


We are inviting track sponsors to be part of the leading Nordic research based tech fair. If you want to be a central part of the theme based tracks above please contact us.

It is our aim to present and demonstrate more innovative technology than ever before within the areas energy, transportation, manufacturing, buildings & construction, and food & health.

Enabled by key digital technologies such as AI, IoT and robotics. At High Tech Summit, companies, researchers, students and startups meet to explore the latest tech developments, attend matchmaking events, and generate new ideas.

Exhibitors will present cutting-edge technology, new business and novel ideas and meet digital front-runners, from multinationals to budding startups.

At DTU, we are thrilled to host this event again and hope that you will join us and contribute to the  transition to a greener future.

Learn more about how the themes and enablers will be shaping High Tech Summit below.







Denmark is at the forefront of research and development and a ‘sandbox’ for global green energy solutions. This means that energy sources from solar, wind, and water, power to biomass, and power to x, electro fuels, green grids, and energy islands are not only areas of vital importance for the green transition, but also potential drivers for Danish export and economic growth. At High Tech Summit, we will discuss how we can release this potential by using digitalization on a larger scale in both energy production and distribution.

The Danish government’s climate partnerships for land Transport and Logistics, Aviation, and ‘Blue Denmark’, respectively highlight alternative fuels as the most important area in the green transformation of transport. However, in order to eliminate the need for fossil fuels, the partnerships must be supplemented by fuel optimization, electro mobility, electrical roads, and a high level of digitalized automation. Zero-emission transport requires not one, but several technological quantum leaps. We need to gain insight into and discuss how radical innovation can change transportation to create a greener future.


Production companies are not just cornerstones of the Danish economy, they are also a driving force in the green transition, and the Danish sector has already reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 65%. This, however, raises the question: where do we go from here? Which new production technologies and new ideas will drive the development towards a 100% reduction? Focus on this year’s High Tech Summit will be additive manufacturing, circular economy, and innovative systemic ways of combining new and recycled materials. Together, we will define a path to the next level of sustainability in production.


Buildings & Construction New technology means that construction is changing into a greener and more efficient industry. Digitalized planning and robotized execution, digitalization of operations and maintenance, products and materials communicating with each other and adaptive buildings are just a few examples. At High Tech Summit we will zoom in on the latest trends and their huge impact on the worlds CO2 emissions. 



The food industry is collecting data on a large scale from all parts of the production chain. However, only a relatively small proportion is used. With the sharing of data and the use of artificial intelligence for analysis, there is great potential to exploit the vast amounts of data already collected by the industry in order to become a ‘green engine’ delivering the most climate-friendly products, technologies, and expertise to the rest of the world. Health Digital technology will be a driving force in transforming medicine. Making it more personalized, effective, and affordable. This means that meetings between tech and medicine experts will be the most important source of the development and innovation shaping the future of the industry. At High Tech Summit, we are happy to facilitate these meetings.







As previous years, digitalization is a common denominator throughout High Tech Summit. Digitalization is a key element to achieving results in many aspects of society and the green transition is definitely one. At DTU, we employ digitalization to drive research breakthroughs and innovation in engineering and in the data-driven technologies of the future—and at High Tech Summit you can learn about the latest discoveries and applications of AI, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Green ICT, cyber security and Internet of Things. This year, we will focus on Safe Technologies and Safe AI: What societal problems have evolved after artificial intelligence and digital disruption—and how can we solve them?


Autonomous systems are entering our work, urban, and domestic environments. Imagine fleets of smart robots collaborating in manufacturing facilities, advanced warehouse logistics solutions, crew-less cargo ships, smart grids, or interconnected smart home appliances. Those are just a few examples of autonomous systems changing our lives. At High Tech Summit we will focus on the need for companies and organizations to improve their efficiency and adaptability on a global scale and how using autonomous systems—Industry 4.0 & Robotics can provide the solution.


Materials lie at the very core of any product’s sustainability performance, whether it be due to their strength, lifetime robustness, compatibility with other materials, recyclability potential, availability and scarcity, chemical toxicity, embodied carbon footprint, or other important inherent properties. Industry’s increasing focus on sustainability is highly dependent on leading edge research and the development of advanced materials with an improved sustainability performance. How can advanced materials contribute to lightweight, high-performance products? What material properties are the most important to focus on, if we are to develop products that can be used and reused in a circular economy?


DTU has one of Europe’s most well-developed ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship that brings ideas from the classrooms and research from the laboratories into the real world. During the last 20 years, DTU has been the birthplace of more than 2200 startups with a company survival rate of 74 percent making it a globally recognized platform for entrepreneurship and innovation. At the DTU Startup Fair you can meet 80+ of DTU’s most exciting student and research-based startup companies displaying and pitching novel ideas, new products and technology that just might be the next big thing. Innovative technological solutions are vital parts of the green transition, and our Start Up Fair will have a strong focus on sustainability.

The descriptions may be updated, as we develop the program for the coming High Tech Summit.
14 MAY 2021