Technical University of Denmark

DTU is recognized internationally as a leading university in the areas of the technical and the natural sciences, renowned for our business-oriented approach, our focus on sustainability, and our amazing study environment.

Denmark’s largest technological platform

Approximately 12,000 students and 5,800 employees contribute towards making DTU the largest technological platform in Denmark. DTU is a leading international technical university, and it is no. 2 in the Nordic region, no. 4 in Europe, and no. 6 in the world when it comes to collaboration with the business community. DTU has a strong international profile and enters into strategic partnerships with leading international universities, for example through the EuroTech Universities and Nordic 5 Tech alliances. DTU’s mission to create value and to benefit society dates all the way back to its founder, HC Ørsted.

Combines trade fair and debate

The High Tech Summit combines a traditional trade fair with a conference that relates to business and society and where it is possible to debate future technological challenges. In particular, this will focus on the origin of innovation within technological and business developments and thus on the dynamics between new and existing enterprises: The event will contribute towards strengthening collaboration with the business community as well as with research and education within key technology fields and business areas.

Close to researchers and students

Get close to DTU’s research, research infrastructure, and world class educational environment. We will be demonstrating and testing new technologies and labs at the event. Gain insight into current leading international research and development projects within Industry 4.0, such as Internet of Things, Smart Manufacturing, and digitization. Spot tomorrow’s technologies Gain access to one of Denmark’s largest high-tech entrepreneurial environments. Learn more about start-ups, investment potentials and funding opportunities, DTU Skylab, and Science DTU. Join us in creating the future vision of Industry 4.0. Experience numerous debates, Tech Talks, awards, competitions, and Hackathons. Network and meet customers and partners across industries and sectors. Sign up for workshops, receptions, and a VIP dinner. Meet tomorrow’s high-tech employees. Get matched with students, carry out projects together, and get ready for a new digital world. See what the young digital talents can do!

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