Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Big Data refers to the analysis of large data sets to reveal patterns and trends, creating new business opportunities and smarter societal solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next generation of computerization. Big Data and AI are becoming increasingly integrated. While potential benefits are high, solutions need to address concerns over privacy and security.


AI, Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine Learning (ML) is already present in numerous products. Both ML and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly based upon advanced data analytics methods that extract value from large data sets – Big Data. While potential benefits are high, solutions need to address concerns over privacy and security. We propose for Denmark to be a leader in ethical and socially responsible AI – “Safe AI”.

Data Science for Bio-based Production

To an increasing degree, the biotech industry is applying data science technologies in production of proteins, chemicals, microorganisms, and other types of bio-based products. Participants can expect world-class content as Denmark has a strong academic and industrial research and development base in this field.

Industrial Imaging and Vision Technologies

Not so long ago, neutron scattering and X-ray diffraction were techniques used exclusively in fundamental research within physics, chemistry, and other natural sciences. However, with the development of highly intense sources, advanced instrumentation, and progress in computing for data analysis, these tools have become relevant for a wide range of industrial purposes.

High Performance Computing

Solving complex engineering problems often requires high performance computing. Being a technical university, DTU operates an extensive computing infrastructure while developing the necessary mathematical and analytical tools to maximize its value. Given the complexity faced by private high-tech companies, it seems obvious that mutual benefits can be achieved through collaboration here.

Other Themes

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