How AI, drones, and cameras are keeping our roads and bridges safe

Together with Sund & Bælt, Microsoft has deployed an innovative solution which combines the flexibility of drones with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cracks in the concrete surface of the suspension bridge connecting the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen. The solution has proven efficient and time and cost effective. Now other companies have adapted it to roads.

Come prepared for High Tech Summit 2019

How do you manage and boost the value of data? DANSK IT will discuss the tools and the future in cooperation with DTU.

Gearing up in the fight against cybercrime

Professor Christian D. Jensen from DTU Compute has coordinated a strong platform for all the Danish universities and several other partner institutions to collaborate in a national cybersecurity hub. The aim is to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. But what does that have to do with Maersk Line? Go to the full article and know more.

Artificial intelligence in the industry

How does a business enter and become part of the digital future, while big data and AI are boosting the Industry 4.0? The digital enterprise is already a reality, and, in this article, the Siemens digital team will take you through the need to know about making production more efficient, more flexible, and more reliable.

Five Questions for Plougmann Vingtoft

Plougmann Vingtoft has many years of experience with developing long-term IP strategies for large firms as well as start-ups. Naturally, CEO Finn S. Madsen is all about IP. And IP is why Plougmann Vingtoft attends the DTU High Tech Summit. Read about it here and don’t forget to visit Plougmann Vingtoft at the event to get an insight into the benefits of an IP strategy.

AI as an engine for growth

In order to enhance AI activity, four leading universities in Denmark have established 12 joint postdoc positions in order to strengthen the collaboration between the scientists of the universities and also contribute to reinforcing the expertise within AI and digitization in the Capital region. Follow the AI efforts at this DTU High Tech Summit.

Forward thinkers at High Tech Summit – Professor Thomas Bolander

Professor at DTU Compute, Thomas Bolander, recently received the H.C. Ørsted award for his excellent ability to disseminate research. Here he addresses why traffic is more complex than chess and why AI-based chess engines would make any world champion in chess checkmate.

The science of Plan B

Storms, strikes and multiple other incidents may obstruct the scheduled shipping of containers. Maersk Line navigates the virtual seas of Big Data to minimize the discomfort to its customers.

Meet EKTOS at the High Tech Summit

EKTOS, a leading Danish-Ukrainian one-stop provider of electronics development and testing services, can support the product development process from initial product idea to finished, tested, and certified product.