Five Questions for Protech

Why are you exhibiting at High Tech Summit 2019?
“As the largest supplier of 3D-printers in the Nordics, Protech is very keen on participating in events like this. Even though 3D-printing is not something groundbreaking new, it is still considered “high-tech” and provides a lot of new possibilities for broad use. “

Input from innovators across Denmark

Innovation Networks Denmark, an established part of the national innovation scene, is behind a number of clusters aiming to bridge academic research with industry in order to tackle specific societal challenges. 7 of them are represented at this the DTU High Tech Summit and we give you a brief presentation of them and their mission.

Learn how to implement technology and innovation into a business plan

Learn how to implement technology and innovation into a business plan
Summary: Once again this summer, you can attend the DTU continuing education programme and be part of a platform where innovation is created.

DTU Startup Fair 2018

A thousand attendees participated in DTU Startup Fair that took place 10th of October during High Tech Summit 2018. Entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, students, mentors and many more came together to connect with the entrepreneurship ecosystem at DTU. A recent impact analysis made by IRIS Group shows that DTU has created a special ecosystem that creates more than two startups per week, proving one of the reasons why DTU now ranks the 57th on Reuters Top 100: The World’s Most Innovative Universities – 2018, and number 1 in the Nordic countries and number 13 in Europe.

Tech is the key to solve global problems

”Without tech we will never reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but today the tech industry isn’t sustainability-driven,” says Professor Michael Zwicky Hauschild from DTU. UNDP is a partner at the High Tech Summit to help highlight the need for sustainable tech.

Meet EKTOS at the High Tech Summit

EKTOS, a leading Danish-Ukrainian one-stop provider of electronics development and testing services, can support the product development process from initial product idea to finished, tested, and certified product.

Chinese top scientist to inspire at the Summit

Three years ago, Jun Wang, at the time heading Chinas’ leading genomics institution, decided to go all-in on Artificial Intelligence.

Forward thinkers at High Tech Summit

Until today, entertainment has been the main driving force behind the development of the internet. The winners have been those able to provide entertainment services at low cost. However, Internet-of-Things (IoT) is about to change the scene.