Business Inside Technology

While new potent technology is the very visible side of the fourth industrial revolution, innovative thinking within a given company is just as important. Corporations looking to get onboard Industry 4.0 need to assure that their organization is ready for the digital transformation.


Digital Transformation

To a company, digitization is technology but certainly also strategy. Do we want to digitize products? Digitize production equipment? Use Big Data to understand consumer trends? Or maybe all three? In either case, the choice is likely to have organizational implications. Employees will need to work together in new ways, sometimes alongside robots, and new competencies are often required.

Digital Business Models

A growing number of companies see Industry 4.0 as an opportunity for developing new business models. For instance, rather than just supplying their customers with certain devices, a company may offer valuable market insight based on data acquired by sensors and software built into the devices. The HTS is the place to listen to exiting case stories while also discussing safe and ethically responsible solutions.

Advanced Research Infrastructures

MAX IV, ESS, XFEL. These acronyms all represent large-scale materials research facilities in our neighboring countries, Sweden and Germany. The High Tech Summit points to how Danish industry may benefit from access to these advanced facilities. Depending on the nature of a company’s needs it may be an alternative option to seek access to advanced research infrastructure right here at DTU.

Other Themes

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