The fourth industrial revolution not only calls for new solutions within existing companies, but also promise vast opportunities for creating new companies tailor made for the digital future.


Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Several well-established corporations see collaboration with startups as a strategic asset. Not only may startups supply novel technology. Due to their agility, they will often be able to test new business models. In return, the mature companies can provide startups with a fast access to market. At HTS, high-tech corporations and startups will present cases and discuss how to best organize collaboration.

The Role of Universities in Entrepreneurship

More than 150 startup companies have sprung from DTU since the university strengthened its efforts in entrepreneurship significantly in 2015. The High Tech Summit is a perfect occasion for DTU to showcase how successful startups fit into value chains in their fields, including national and international partnerships. The message is clear: universities do have a role in entrepreneurship!

An Eco-system of Innovation

The cornerstone of the “eco-system of innovation” at DTU is the extensive collaboration with a wide range of companies. Internally, the driving forces are the DTU Skylab and DTU Stardust, providing students and employees with encouragement and advice. Further, the science park Scion DTU has a series of initiatives, while opportunities for participating in the Venture Cup, the Tech BBQ and similar events exist.

Other Themes

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