Formula Student Vermilion Racing

How can making an electric race car and racing it build skillsets in favor of a future workplace or create and run a small business? You could ask one of the 50 passionate DTU students in engineering who will attend DTU High Tech Summit tomorrow. But first, get a taste of the magic here:

More and more dangerous tasks to be performed by drones

Interested in drones and their possible future? Associate Professor at DTU Electrical Engineering Matteo Fumagalli is working on applying a robotic arm to a drone. He is inviting businesses, authorities and other researchers to join him at DTU High Tech Summit 2019 to discuss a possible collaboration on drone technology and development.

How AI, drones, and cameras are keeping our roads and bridges safe

Together with Sund & Bælt, Microsoft has deployed an innovative solution which combines the flexibility of drones with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cracks in the concrete surface of the suspension bridge connecting the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen. The solution has proven efficient and time and cost effective. Now other companies have adapted it to roads.

Increased digitalization can lead to a more sustainable water sector

Increased digitalization in the water sector and utilization of new technological opportunities are the themes of the first dedicated track about water at the upcoming DTU High Tech Summit 2019 on 30th-31st October.

Visit a number of spectacular tracks from our track sponsors

Still not decided whether to attend this year’s DTU High Tech Summit or not? The tracks are filling up, and let’s be fair: we have some exciting events lined up in the program. Here are some of our spectacular tracks singled out to make it so much easier for you to choose.

DTU opens new digital development laboratory

DTU Skylab goes “digital” to encourage technology-based innovation with the DTU Skylab Digital. Here are some of the projects that prove their ambition to connect theory with the real world.

Meet DTU Library at DTU High Tech Summit 2019

Explore new sides of DTU Library at DTU High Tech Summit 2019. Visit the stand in the library and and get acquainted with DTU Media Lab and DTU Smart Library and their involvement in Digital Reality. Feeling brave at heart? Try the Plank Experience with Oculus Quest virtual reality headset or test mixed reality with a HoloLens 1 headset. The fun begins at the library!

Digital Hub Denmark supports DTU High Tech Summit 2019

Digital Hub Denmark is one of the main sponsors of DTU High Tech Summit 2019, and their CEO Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted is also opening the event in partnership with the President of DTU, Anders Overgaard, and the President of Polyteknisk Forening at DTU, Søren Anton Steffensen. Join Digital Hub Denmark on their adventure.

Forward thinkers at DTU High Tech Summit 2019

Digital learning is here to stay. Professor Helle Rootzén is heading learnT at Center for Digital Learning Technology at DTU Compute and with access to research environments within statistics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, and software development she is planning on creating new learning concepts and technology.

Meet up with innovative researchers and businesses

Do you want to meet researchers within your specific area and match up with innovative professionals within the field of Digitalization & Sustainable Energy?
Then join us at the Matchmaking Event at DTU High Tech Summit 2019 and get the first handshake from a potential new collaborator and partner.