GovTech paving the way for a better society

GovTech is a growing market and a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to build services and solutions that can benefit society while building a sustainable and profitable business. If you are interested in joining the GovTech agenda, DTU High Tech Summit 2019 is the venue to join – along with the GovTech Programme.

A stepping stone for DTU startups

Former DTU students flock to the start-up ecosystem at inQvation where forces are united in order to maximize a start-up’s chance of success. The opportunity to work together in new ways has been a success for more than 24 start-ups. Maybe someday soon, the start-up scene at DTU High Tech Summit will be greater than the corporate scene …

New center to strengthen society’s competitiveness

A few weeks ago, DTU opened the doors to their new access point when new competencies are needed: DTU Learn for Life. The center is DTU’s new platform for part-time and continuing education activities. The ambition is to read the demands of the future and present relevant study programmes for employees, management, and boards in order to strengthen our competitiveness (don’t forget the robots are coming) and broaden our competencies.

Forward thinkers at DTU High Tech Summit 2019

According to Professor Poul Erik Morthorst, Denmark can once again become the leader when it comes to renewable energy, if we are smart about it. As head of an ongoing DTU sector development project involving a range of private companies and other energy sector stakeholders, this is the Professor you want to listen to.

Nurturing the deep tech startups of the future at DTU Skylab

According to Mikkel Sørensen, Head of DTU Skylab, universities play a crucial role in developing new technology start-ups. Especially, when it comes to start-ups working with deep tech – it is a field of complex technologies where you need patience to reach market maturity and capital from early on. Innovation hubs such as DTU Skylab can help accelerate that journey.

Five Questions for OptoCeutics

What is your objective? “We wish to improve health and cognitive functions in Alzheimer’s patients, using light therapy. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that affects your memory and cognitive behavior. It is now the sixth leading cause of death in the Western world.

Skills to learn in a high-paced world

Digitalization is affecting our society in ways that few would have imagined just a decade ago. New digital technologies, increased complexity in work tasks and rapid changes in the organizations are all contributing to the impossibility of predicting exactly which skills will be the most important of the future.

Five Questions for Anticimex Innovation Center A/S

Why are you exhibiting at DTU High Tech Summit 2019? “In 2008 when Anticimex Innovation Center began its activity under the name WiseCon it was with the invention of a connected mechanical rat trap for sewers.

Forward thinkers at DTU High Tech Summit 2019

At DTU High Tech Summit 2019, Professor Paul Pop coordinates the involvement by the Nordic IIoT (Industrial Internet-of-Things) hub.
“The industrial interest in IoT is very strong, but many companies are in a state of confusion due to the high level of hype. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, it can be challenging to find their way,” says Paul Pop.

Welcome to Universal Robots

DTU is very proud to present Universal Robots at this DTU High Tech Summit 2019. Universal Robots (UR) just joined as one of the last exhibitors of this year’s summit. UR is known to the world for dedicated bringing 6-axis industrial robotic arms to businesses of every size. And on October 30th and 31st you can meet them at the DTU Campus in the exhibition area.