Internet of Things

The Internet of Things enables physical devices to collect and exchange data in an automated way. Typically, the devices are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network conductivity. The HTS 2018 will devote special attention to food and health cases and also to safe, ethical and socially responsible IoT solutions


Internet of Things Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows devices to exchange and sometimes act upon data that are generated and transmitted without human interference. IoT technology is found in smart phones, industrial production gear, and numerous other products. The HTS 2019 will devote special attention to safe, ethical and socially responsible IoT solutions.

Infrastructure and Cloud for IoT

Storing and processing of data on a third-party server, known as cloud computing, is a cost-effective way of obtaining computational infrastructure for IoT. However, many industrial and other users have cyber-security concerns regarding cloud computing. Therefore, interest is seen in creating modified cloud solutions, granting the data originator more control. The field has been dubbed “fog computing”.

Audio and Virtual/Augmented Reality

Denmark has a strong cluster in audio related electronics. Besides increasingly advanced devices for people with impaired hearing, solutions like voice recognition and active noise cancellation are developed. An emerging field is the Industry 4.0 version of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality – for example allowing an operator to graphically acquire key parameters for an industrial production plant online.

Smart Homes, Smart Cities

The Internet of Things is not just set to revolutionize industrial production. Soon, the laundry machine at your “Smart Home” will be able to purchase electricity during the night at a favorable rate. This will help balancing consumption with energy production from fluctuating renewable sources such as wind mills. Another “Smart City” application is prevention of traffic jams by use of Big Data.

Cyber Security and Privacy

Digital technologies improve our lives in numerous ways, but also bring new vulnerabilities. The HTS invites participants to address the great challenge of cyber-security. We propose Danish leadership within cyber-security and privacy. Security aspects of Smart City solutions that digitize control of vital societal sectors such as water supply, energy supply and other utilities will be given special attention.

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