The Open Innovation X (Oi-X) program brings students in close collaboration with companies and organizations to jointly solve grand technological challenges for the biggest societal impact.

Heartbeat Oi-X

This fall Oi-X will revolve around food ingredients including sustainable food production, consumer behavior and food waste. Don’t miss the chance to participate in the Oi-X kick-off event at the High Tech Summit, where the challenges are revealed on stage by the challenge owners and sponsoring partners; Arla Food and The Danish Food and Drink Federation (DI Fødevarer). Both organizations will present their view on challenges, trends and opportunities they are facing.


At the kick-off event you will also get to know how DTU Skylab runs an open innovation sprint, revealing approaches, and methods including the newly developed DTU Skylab Sprint Kit / CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0. You will also hear stories from previous Oi-X cases, sharing their view on why Oi-X has been a boost to their innovation activities.

Join us and get in dialogue, get inspired and get started.


“It’s no use closing your eyes to the changes. We need to constantly keep up and try to influence the process.”

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

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