Advances in hearing aids have improved life for millions of people across the globe. But, only to a point!

Moving beyond the ear in hearing aid technology

Restoring hearing in everyday sound environments, focused listening, customised auditory profiles and data collection has yet to be solved. However, the industry is getting closer.

On the Danish Sound track at High Tech Summit, the areas that are next on the list of innovations are highlighted, and the researchers and engineers pushing to get us there will be your guides.

Standing at the very precipice of the development is Torsten Dau, Professor at DTU at the Hearing Systems Group. He is working to move hearing aids beyond sound processing and into brain processing. The goal is hearing aids that understand and recognise the user’s needs.

He is not alone in setting big goals though. The industry is hard at work, improving its technologies constantly. The next big step for the industry, among other things, is data collection and how to use the troves of data in hearing aids to improve technology, user interfaces and capabilities. Representing the industrial side of things is Uwe A. Herman, Senior Director at the Eriksholm Research Centre. The focus on his talk will be the increase in user ability to customise and self-manage their hearing solution – and how big data plays into achieving that.

Machine learning is a big part of both those approaches to improved hearing solutions. That is why our last speaker Jan Larsen, Professor at DTU Compute, will delve into the science behind the use of machine learning in audio and how this can be used for augmented capabilities in hearing solutions and for music interventions. To understand why that goal is crucial and how that technology will affect and improve the life of hearing impaired globally.

The session is rounded off with a Fire Side Chat. Three of the biggest players in the hearing industry will sit down and have an informal chat about the newest developments and were they are seeing the future of hearing aids. Moderated by experienced techjournalist Anders Høgh Nissen, we are sitting down with Ole Asboe Jørgensen from Oticon, Nikolai Bisgaard from GN Hearing and Thomas Evers Christensen from Widex.

Lean back and enjoy the chat that will touch on all aspects of the hearing aids of the future.

The talks start at 14:00, so be sure to be there in good time.
Do not forget to register your attendance at the High Tech Summit website, to make sure you have reserved a seat.


“It’s no use closing your eyes to the changes. We need to constantly keep up and try to influence the process.”

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

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