DTU will host Denmark’s first university-driven technology summit focusing on the digitization of Danish industry. Under the theme of digitization, the summit will discuss tomorrow’s technological challenges.

High Tech Summit 2017
During the two-day ‘High Tech Summit’, 60 exhibitors from the Danish business community will meet with researchers, students, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and 3,000 visitors to debate, test, and demonstrate the industrial technologies of the future, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, smart materials, and Industry 4.0. The speakers include representatives from Microsoft, IBM, Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange, and SingularityU Denmark.


High Tech Summit focuses on areas such as

    • Industry 4.0, for example smart robots in production settings and ultra-fast 3D printers.
    • Digitization and Big Data, for example digital, customized healthcare solutions, smart energy management in cities, and new business models.
    • Internet of Things, for example intelligent pens in food production, driverless vehicles, and new IT solutions preventing abuse of our personal data on the Internet.
    • Advanced materials, for example smart materials, nanosensors for environmental engineering solutions, and smart surfaces of advanced products.             
    • Start-ups and students, for example disruption, high-tech start-ups, and synergies between start-ups and large corporations. Here, participants include Venture Cup, DTU Skylab, and Stardust. In addition, there will be activities from Scion DTU.


Selected keynote speakers

    • IBM: ‘Internet of things – it is happening now’, Claus Klint, Director, IBM Watson Internet of Things, Scandinavia
    • Microsoft: ‘Den digitale transformation’ (The digital transformation), Microsoft
    • Siemens: ‘Industry 4.0 concerns everyone’, Prof. Dr. Dieter Wegener, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology and ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association
    • SingularityU Denmark: ‘Exponential mindset and business’, Laila Pawlak, CEO, SingularityU Denmark


Strategic partners

IBM, Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange, Microsoft, DI Digital, IDA, Capital Region of Denmark, ATV, IPU, Innosix, MADE, City of Knowledge & Urban Development, SingularityU Denmark. Polyteknisk Forening (PF student association), Scion DTU, Stardust, and Venture Cup.


Book a stand, but hurry up.

More than half of the approx. 55 stands are already booked, so you need to move fast if you want a stand for your company.

Industry 4.0 – or ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ – is driven by a rapidly accelerating digitization. Today, businesses and a growing number of high-tech start-ups are facing decisions and priorities, which can be decisive for how they can maintain their competitiveness.

“DTU is Denmark’s largest platform for the development and application of new technologies and is also a university in close contact with the business community in all regions of the country. It’s therefore obvious that we through initiatives such as High Tech Summit establish new partnerships that can ensure that the Danish business community is prepared to seize the opportunities offered by the technological development,” says DTU President Anders Bjarklev.


New technologies transforming society

High Tech Summit has drawn inspiration from, amongst others, ‘MIT Tech Conference’ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and will also provide ideas on which technologies within digitization will come to dominate the everyday life in the future.

“New technologies that change our production equipment and ability to communicate have historically changed society radically,”
says Jan Madsen, one of the initiators of High Tech Summit, and Professor and Deputy Director at DTU Compute.

“Digitization will transform our world into something we find hard to imagine. You can compare it with the transformation we experienced when moving from an agricultural society to an industrial society. But it will happen much faster. And it means that Danish businesses and institutions which are not at the cutting edge of technology risk being disrupted. It’s therefore important that we in Denmark create powerful high-tech solutions across businesses, start-ups, and research and educational institutions – both nationally and internationally.”

The aim of High Tech Summit is to strengthen the collaboration between the business community, research, and education within key technology and business areas. In addition to a number of keynote speakers, visitors can hear presentations about technology as well as participate in workshops and student matchmaking – just as you can attend award ceremonies, competitions and hackathons. It will also be possible to visit laboratories and facilities at DTU’s departments.


“It’s no use closing your eyes to the changes. We need to constantly keep up and try to influence the process.”

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

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