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Advertise your participation at High Tech Summit. Here you can download logos, e-mail signatures and SoMe-posters.

Powerful PR and Marketing platform

We secure your visibility. Contact us to get your news article on our newsletter and webpage, get a unique company profile, or become one of our partners exposed online and at the summit.
PR & Networking
  • Access to PR-kit
  • Media coverage
  • Media invitations
  • Press releases
  • Articles at
  • Newspaper supplements in Berlingske and Børsen
  • Media partnerships – Ingeniøren, Tech Media
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Matchmaking
  • Guided tours at exhibition
  • High Tech Summit strategic partners – 40 strategic partners in 2018
  • High Tech Summit newspaper – 10,000 copies
  • Advertising in leading media – Ingeniøren, Børsen, Berlingske, trade journals and local media
  • Printed High Tech Summit programme distributed at High Tech Summit
  • Logo in sales material
  • High Tech Summit White Paper
  • Advertising in leading online media – e.g Ingeniøren and other trade journals, Berlingske, Børsen
  • SoMe – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Newsletter – 6,700 subscribers
  • DTU alumni network – 40,000 members
  • High Tech Summit Website – 40,000 readers in 2018
    Google AdWords & SEO
  • High Tech Summit Event programme downloaded – 10,000 times
  • DTU’s Communication platform (homepage, DTU-Newspaper, ect.)