DTU Civil Engineering is joining High Tech Summit under the headline “Smart Buildings – Technology meets the construction site”.

Smart Building
Photo: The panelmounting co-bot from WallMo is among the technological equipment you can meet at High Tech Summit. WallMo’s Managing Director, Lars Andresen, will be giving a talk at “Smart Buildings – Technology meets the construction site”.

On Thursday, 21 September, DTU Civil Engineering will gather a bunch of interesting people from the building and robotics industry to hear their takes on how the latest technology can be used at construction sites.

Additionally, DTU Civil Engineering will have a stand with demonstrations of different equipment and technologies. There will also be examples of how the researchers at the department is using different technology in their research.


“It’s no use closing your eyes to the changes. We need to constantly keep up and try to influence the process.”

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

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