Smart Healthcare & Food

The healthcare and food sectors have already adopted and integrated digital technologies. In several corporations, this has led to drastic changes in business operations. Yet, we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.


Personalized Medicine and Diagnostics

Today, a physician needs to prescribe the same medicine and dose to all patients with a given diagnose since the individual response is unknown. Fortunately, Personalized Medicine and Diagnostics is about to change the scene. More accurate prescriptions equal fewer side-effects. We present new cases from treatment of infectious diseases, asthma, childhood leukemia and other diseases.

Smart Healthcare & Food

Smart Healthcare & Food

Digital Health

Not least for chronically ill, digital health technology may limit the need for hospitalization. This is good news for the public economy, while at the same time people are generally happier living at their own home. Industry and academia work side by side to develop solutions that are not just functional but also safe and respectful to citizens’ right to privacy.

Sensors for the Food and Health Sectors

Over the years, multiple industrial applications of optical sensors have sprung from DTU. The next breakthroughs are likely to be food and health applications. Examples of current developments are sensors that monitor the content of key parameters for the health of fish in land-based aquaculture, and sensors able to non-destructively detect malign cells in human tissue samples.

Smart Healthcare & Food

Smart Healthcare & Food

Digital Tools in Food Production

Industry 4.0 is highly relevant to the food industry. For example, analyzed and contextualized data will enable food manufacturers to connect with consumers like never before. Further, optimized food systems and increased connectivity across the supply chain can be based on Big Data. The High Tech Summit 2018 presents new industrial cases while also inviting debate on the regulatory issues involved.

Traceability in the Food Chain

Technologies such as sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and block chain can enable the food industry and regulatory authorities to improve traceability. This will greatly support the trust of consumers in their food products. However, a common approach for accessing, sharing, retrieving, processing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data needs to be established. Join this process at HTS 2018

Smart Healthcare & Food

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