Stardust - DTU

Stardust DTU is a student driven organization playing a key role in the DTU startup eco-system. Stardust-DTU mission is to inspire students to become entrepreneurs and to support those of them who strive to be successful. The organization runs an early stage incubator and organizes events in order to inspire students to start their ventures

DemoDay #8

Demoday is Stardust-DTU biggest event and takes place 2 times per year (September and February). The event is mainly targeting students and features two pitching sessions, a panel talk, and a networking fair.  The purpose of the event is to let students know what are the possibilities within the DTU startup ecosystem and to inspire them to try out entrepreneurship by showcasing success stories of student-run startups. The final networking fair is a way to enable students to interact with student-entrepreneurs and with the other organizations at DTU. The event also attracts a significant number of professionals that are interested in getting to know more about the latest ideas developed by talented students or that are aiming at finding the right candidate to complete their professional team. DemoDay ‘s last editions took place in Skylab DTU with a full-house audience of around 300 students and professionals.

Reasons you cannot miss DemoDay


Enjoy FREE beers and Pizzas

Be inspired by students talking about their passions and ambitions

Get to know about your possibilities within entrepreneurship

Get in touch with Startups/professionals that might provide you with your future job

Get inspired by student entrepreneurs and learn from their mistakes


Enjoy FREE beers and Pizzas

Be the first one to spot the next “unicorn” and to invest in it

Get to know exuberant students that could represent a perfect match for your team

Get in touch with other professionals supporting student innovation

Get to know about the latest innovations from student run startups

High Level Agenda


Opening speeches and presentation of the partners


First pitch session




Panel talk: "Success as an entrepreneur: Is it about me or about the team?"


Second pitch session


Networking Fair, FREE beers and Pizzas

Line-up: Speakers, organizations and Startups

Welcome speeches


Marianne Thellersen

Marianne is Senior Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at DTU. Her welcome speech will emphasize the importance of supporting student driven innovation as a way to find new solutions to global challenges.

Stardust - DTU

Stardust DTU is a student driven organization playing a key role in the DTU startup eco-system. Stardust-DTU mission is to inspire students to become entrepreneurs and to support those of them who strive to be successful. The organization runs an early stage incubator and organizes events in order to inspire students to start their ventures.

Partner presentations

DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab is a melting pot for student innovation and entrepreneurship. Their mission is to support student innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU. Skylab aims at being a vibrant, experimental space where creativity and entrepreneurial spirit flow as a way enhance cooperation between students, business world and other external partners.

Danish Tech Challenge

Danish Tech Challenge is a four-month intensive development programme for hardware startups, ran by Scion-DTU and funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. Within the program, the participants pass through three process phases: incubation, acceleration and competition. At the end, the winners are awarded with the Danish Industry Foundation’s Enterpreneur Award.

Venture Cup

Venture Cup is a common platform for all Danish universities. The organization aims at identifying and supporting the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Venture Cup runs Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university students with more than 300 mentors from the business community, a Startup Booster program, and a pre-accelerator program

1st Pitch session

The startups of the 1st pitch session represent the new batch of startups that will join our program in Fall 2017. The selection process was completed on Thursday 14th September when the Stardust-DTU mentors took their final decision about the various teams. The startups that have successfully completed the screening procedure are:












More information will follow soon… stay tuned!

Panel Talk


Liva Echwald-Tijsen

Liva is the Founder of Træd Frem and teaches Business Concept Innovation at DTU. In her work, she empowers people to reach their “next stage” by the use of body language and public speaking.  She is specialized in finding effective solutions to the most important issues, in identifying the way forward where others give up, and in challenging limiting thinking. She loves working with startups, entrepreneurs and existing organizations who are brave enough to challenge the status quo.

Christopher James Lüscher

Christopher is group CTO at ACT.Global and CEO at reACT.Global, where he focuses on development of high-tech solutions within microbiology, nano-technology and chemistry. He is skilled in Micro & Nano fabrication, Innovation Management, IoTs and strategy. In addition, he is a strong business development professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Engineering Physics/Applied Physics from the Technical University of Denmark.

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is a serial entrepreneur and business angel who has been building startups since 1999. He focuses on high potential start-ups, and has co-founded and invested in thirteen companies, primarily within IT. He is the author of the “Startup funding book”, where he shares his experience of securing funding from all possible sources – friends and family, business angels, VC funds, and public funds.

Jakob Svagin

For the past 10 years, Jakob Svagin worked with or in technology startups. First as part of an ambitious cleantech project to reduce urban pollution from diesel vehicles, and for the last three years as project manager of the Danish Tech Challenge. He is now startup advisor at Skylab DTU, where he aims at building the best possible eco-system for technology startups coming out of the Technical University of Denmark.

2nd Pitch session

Event Collective

Event Collective is startup that just completed our startup program. They developed an online platform that aims at matching speakers and business. The platforms supports passionate speakers in the process of growing their audience, while providing to businesses an online catalogue of speakers, which meets their needs and budget.

StepUp Air

Know your limits. Push them further. StepUp Air develops the new generation of fitness trackers with real-time breathing pattern and heart rate measurements and telling how your body really feels. StepUp Air just graduated from the Stardust-DTU program and one of its co-founders, Charles Henri Gayot, is a former Stardust-DTU member.


Anaerobio was co-founded by Adam Kovalovszki and Vignesh Krishnamoorthy, two former Startust-DTU members and went through our program in Fall 2016. The startup aims at disrupting the biomass sector by providing data analytics and forecasting services for biomass plants. By leveraging the use of big data in a relatively conservative industry, Anaerobio is able to support the plant operators with an easy to use tool for the optimization of the biogas generation process.


BilletFix offers a ticketing system to students who volunteer a lot of their time and energy to organize events for their fellow students. Their stupidly simple ticketing system is designed to provide these volunteering heroes with more time and energy to concentrate on making their events awesome – instead of managing the hassle of signups and payments. BilletFix was in our program in 2015

MAIN & Partners

MAIN & Partners is Copenhagen-based consultancy working within visual communication, industrial design, technology and innovation. The startup focuses on helping other businesses to better communicate with their audience through the use of photo-realistic Computer Generated Imagery (GCI) and is looking forward to getting in touch with DTU students with a background in Design and Innovation.

BaseUp – Better partnerships

BaseUp is an online matchmaking platform that connects serious entrepreneurs, who wish to find a business partner or join a startup outside their usual network. In other words, “dating for entrepreneurs”.


It sounds like pure science fiction, but it is actually real: researchers from SDU have succeeded in 3D printing artificial bones, which grow naturally together with the body’s own bones. The researchers were rewarded for their efforts on 22nd June 2017 when they took first prize at the major national entrepreneur competition for university students, the Venture Cup. It is for us an honour to host them at our event.

Networking Fair

The networking fair will close the event. During the networking fair, you will have the chance to get in touch with various startups and speakers while grabbing a free slice of pizza and drinking some fresh beers. In particular, we have organized the Networking fair in order to make sure that the audience will have the chance to get in touch with:

  • Investors, to understand how they screen and estimate the potential of newly built startups;
  • Organizations supporting new startups and the entrepreneurial eco-system (Skylab, Venture Cup, Danish Tech challenge and SingularityU Danmark);
  • Startups, to get inspired by their stories and to learn from their mistakes;
  • Exhuberant entrepreneurs and passionate team members to build the perfect team for your future venture!

Not sure yet about attending DemoDay?

If you join our event, you will have the chance to get in touch with the amazing team behind Stardust-DTU and to hear directly from us about how to become one of us or to provide your support as a mentor! We are looking forward to meeting you on September 21st in the Oticon Hall.

The Stardust-DTU team

Enrico Baldasso, Alisha Patnaik, Dan Dimitru, Kasper Junker, Marc Van der Zwan and Swaroop Kumar