DTU Skylab (hub for student innovation and entrepreneurship) and Innovation Center Denmark (divisions from Silicon Valley, Munich and São Paolo) presents an ambitious and highly relevant focus on International Startup-Corporate Engagement – THE way to think development in the future – at the High Tech Summit 2017.

Startups at high tech summit

Combining the expected display hundreds of participating spinouts/startups with the summit’s exhibiting larger companies, the aim is to shed light on the value and opportunities of this engagement and try to create matches through the physical setup and the HTS app. Through key notes on best practices (among others BMW Startup Garage), startup stories, and panel debates we will get closer to understand how the big and heavy meets the small and agile can be mutually fruitful or damaging – and get closer to understanding how to do it right.

The Innovation Centers will bring experts, their local corporates and startup cases to a panel debate on opportunities in reaching markets and corporate partners and customers in their regions. There will also be breakout workshop sessions with a more concrete deep dive into each centers’ ecosystems.

Besides this agenda, the Startup Track has the Venture Cup World Cup startup fair with 70 international student startups exhibiting on Wednesday 20. and Stardust DTU their Demoday on Thursday 21. that also works and as closing and final celebration for the whole summit.

Where: Oticon Hall

Wed. 20. Sep: Venture Cup World cup (9-16)

Thurs 21. Sep: International Startup-Corporate Engagement (9-15) StardustDTU Demoday (16-22)


“It’s no use closing your eyes to the changes. We need to constantly keep up and try to influence the process.”

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

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