Sustainable Energy, Environment & Climate

The main theme for High Tech Summit is digitization and digital transformation, which are the corner stones in DTU’s research. This year’s special focus area for High Tech Summit will be sustainability with a focus on energy, environment and climate. At DTU, we have an extensive focus on the area and High Tech Summit is a natural place to showcase it. 



Denmark has set ambitious goals for a fast transition to sustainable energy. Various departments at DTU play vital roles in this process through scientific contributions to the development of cost-effective solutions within wind energy, solar energy, biofuels and other types of renewable energy. At High Tech Summit 2019, the main focus will not be the individual energy sources, but rather the challenge of integrating the different inputs smoothly. In other words, to operate a smart and consistent energy system.


Industry 4.0 may have sprung from the traditional manufacturing sectors, but it is clear that practically all sectors in society can benefit including the green sector. For instance, digitization is currently the talk of the town in the water sector. This sector – which has been corporatized over recent years – and its suppliers are gearing up for the digital future. The fact that the 2020 version of the IWA World Water Conference & Exhibition will be held in Copenhagen, providing the Danish water sector with a unique opportunity for showcasing innovations, has only emphasized the urgency of the task.


More powerful hurricanes, extreme flooding, and cloud bursts are all symptoms of climate changes already taking place. Naturally, the society is trying to adapt to these changes. The task is challenging, not least because it is currently not possible to predict climate changes in the short term. Further, adaptation to future climate scenarios will typically require a broad collaboration between various sectors in society. High Tech Summit presents opportunities for representatives of public bodies, scientists and technology and service providers to engage in discussing these complex questions.

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