Forward thinkers at DTU High Tech Summit 2019

Digital learning is here to stay. Professor Helle Rootzén is heading learnT at Center for Digital Learning Technology at DTU Compute and with access to research environments within statistics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, and software development she is planning on creating new learning concepts and technology.

Simplify your data-driven journey

Facts and insights fuel every corner of any company. From turnaround time in order and delivery to improved customer service and upselling. But it does not stop there. Data and analytics not only improve the bits and pieces but have the power to transform the company in its core. The true magic happens when companies integrate data into and utilize them in their day-to-day operations and exploit how data can support new business models.

Five Questions for IHFood

Why are you exhibiting at DTU High Tech Summit 2019? “IHFood is a developing company situated in Copenhagen. Several of our engineers are educated at DTU, so like the two previous years at the DTU High Tech Summit, we aim at attracting a lot of talented people, and we will be looking for new partnerships. For IHFood, it is also an ideal opportunity to follow the latest trends and ideas in automation.”

Towards a zero-carbon future

A.P. Moller-Maersk is driving the progress towards a carbon-neutral future of transport and logistics. New technology plays a key role in the global effort.

Ready to showcase smart energy solutions

Equipped with solar panels, heat pumps and local wind power, energy consumers can also become producers. The young Copenhagen neighborhood Nordhavn is a living lab for the flexible energy system of tomorrow.

Forward thinkers at DTU High Tech Summit

Forward thinkers at DTU High Tech Summit: Henning Høgh Jensen, Head of Division, DTU Food. Danish food products are in high regard for their quality. Therefore, it makes sense for the producers to protect their brands by adapting Blockchain and other digital technologies.

Tech is the key to solve global problems

”Without tech we will never reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but today the tech industry isn’t sustainability-driven,” says Professor Michael Zwicky Hauschild from DTU. UNDP is a partner at the High Tech Summit to help highlight the need for sustainable tech.

Forward thinkers at High Tech Summit

Integrating brilliant technical research into an industrial context is much harder than should be expected. This has led Jes Broeng to develop an entirely new model for high-tech entrepreneurship.

Teknologi topmøde inspirerer til digital nytænkning

DTU inviterer til High Tech Summit – Danmarks universitetsdrevne teknologi-topmøde, som åbnes af statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Forward thinkers at High Tech Summit

A strong focus on artificial intelligence security could be a profitable as well as an ethical choice for Denmark.