One reason for holding the High Tech Summit was to further tighten the bonds between companies, the Technical University of Denmark and other universities to accelerate developments and improve efficiency.

High Tech Summit 2017

At present, many companies have their R&D departments represented on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark, making it much easier for companies to keep up with R&D and establish cooperation between the respective departments and institutions.

The High Tech Summit features an impressive conference programme provided by researchers, specialists and companies. Unlike traditional conferences, this unique combination of speakers provides brand-new possibilities of illuminating every aspect of a technical area.

In this far more varied programme, all participants in a development process work together to describe the process from initial development to market implementation. All of this usually takes place in a cooperative effort involving the university, a development centre and the internal development department at a company.

Fifty speakers “Tech talks” from the Technical University of Denmark and other research institutions and eighty speakers from companies ensure that the two-hour tracks describe the wide variety of topics in depth, where most fields are represented by a researcher, a specialist and one or more companies. This gives the participants a far more varied picture of a specialised track than traditional conferences, where different topics are usually only dealt with from one or two angles.

The exhibitors are a particularly important feature of the event and contribute greatly to the conference programme, and most of them are also speakers in the various tracks.

They contribute their digital experience to show how digitisation is spreading into many sectors where knowledge cuts across technical fields to result in the development of many new ideas and opportunities.

This gives conference attendees an opportunity to meet the companies at their stand and discuss the company presentation and the attendees’ own options, e.g. for cooperation, new products or systems that can increase or improve a company’s digital performance.


“It’s no use closing your eyes to the changes. We need to constantly keep up and try to influence the process.”

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

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